children's bedding hack

Before & after: girl’s bedroom

Do you love snooping around people's houses too? Here's your chance to look around (part of) mine.  I'm really pleased with how our girl's bedroom turned out, especially on a miniscule budget.  I think it has tons of personality, good storage and a dreamy colour scheme. We had our attic converted into a master bedroom [...]

Feel-good cleaning schedule

After I had my second child and things got busier, I noticed that the house was less than spotless even though I felt I was doing plenty of housework.  I realised I was just doing the 'easy' tasks or spending most of that time tidying toys.  So I needed a way to record when was the last time I did the main chores.  Not a plan, more of a pat on the back for winning at chores on top of the rest of life. Bullet journals are ideal for this but a pen and paper or Excel sheet will do.

toddler sleep hack children kicking off bed covers

Toddler sleep hack

As soon as they outgrow those lovely sleeping bags, toddlers spend all night trying to remove their cover and then cry because they got cold.  Sound familiar?  I've come up with an easy, quick AND virtually free trick to keep that cover in place all night.  It has made a huge difference to sleep in our house. It really is so simple!

Easy Bing Bunny costume for World Book Day

World Book Day is next week, 2nd March **Klaxon**. It has a habit of catching you by surprise and we've all seen the tales of woe from Mums and Dads cobbling a last-minute costume together. Daughter has a crush on Bing Bunny so that was the obvious choice. I'm sharing how we made an easy and effective World Book Day costume from things we already had and a piece of cheap felt.