Feel-good cleaning schedule

After I had my second child and things got busier, I noticed that the house was less than spotless even though I felt I was doing plenty of housework.  I realised I was just doing the 'easy' tasks or spending most of that time tidying toys.  So I needed a way to record when was the last time I did the main chores.  Not a plan, more of a pat on the back for winning at chores on top of the rest of life. Bullet journals are ideal for this but a pen and paper or Excel sheet will do.

blog welcome

A new thing

Hello dear reader! Welcome to my blog - it's new you know! This is my first ever blog post but I hope there will be many more. I'm looking forward to chatting with you about crochet and sewing and journaling and decorating and my quest to find a stunning but easy to make Birthday cake!