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Fab tools to choose colour schemes

The colour scheme of a room is probably the thing that most impacts on how the room feels to inhabit.  It is also something that people have passionate opinions on.  So why is it so hard to choose colour schemes?  If you struggle with putting together a cohesive scheme, have a look at these resources which I have found useful.

Shade cards

I love going to the colour wall at the Valspar desk in B&Q.  The colour tiles are a good size and you can tie them together with through their hole. They suggest neutrals to go with each colour too.  PS: the paint itself is brilliant as well – so rich!  If nothing else, it will get you feeling enthusiastic about colour.

Coolors website

On you can grab colours from photos to start your scheme e.g. if you have bedding or curtains you aren’t planning to replace or some towels you couldn’t resist and want to incorporate. Then tap to instantly find other colours to go with them!  Coolors can also show you the shade card for each colour.  So easy!  Save your schemes as you play so you can narrow the options down later.  For example this is a scheme I created based on photos of the green items in our bathroom (which I plan to keep) and searching for complimentary colours.

colour scheme





Colour wheel

It is off-putting when you see a colour wheel graphic with only bold colours on it – not many people want a sunshine yellow and violet room!  Once you bear in mind that you can use tints and shades of a colour on the wheel, it makes more sense.  This page by HGTV is the best explanation I can find for using a colour wheel.

colour schemes

Paint stores

The leading paint manufacturers have fantastic websites and a big online presence.  They are always keen to inspire you.  I like the Dulux site as it gives you colours to go with any that take your fancy as you browse.  It’s good to see the colours in room scenarios too rather than abstract schemes.

These companies often offer some kind of visualiser as well – billed as a way to see how the colour will look in your room, or one like it.  However, I have yet to find one that works as well as the photos they use to advertise them.  This was one our kitchen supplier did for us which is better but still doesn’t really do it for me.

colour scheme







There is endless inspiration on Pinterest and it’s searchable too!  Here is my Interiors Love board.

Design Seeds

On this site you can browse by colour or look through their collections and get inspiring, ready-made colour schemes.  Warning: there are so many it can be a bit overwhelming.  Best to have a starting colour in mind.

Magazines & notebooks

I have several scrap books of cuttings from magazines (not organised enough to be called mood boards, but similar).  Now I’ve started using my bullet journal:






I’m thinking of refreshing the scheme in the bathroom soon.  What decorating plans do you have?  Rich colours are coming back into style – see my post about decorating with dark colours for inspiration – but remember, it’s only paint and is easy to change.

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 Colour schemes are what most impacts on how the room feels to inhabit. Here are some resources I have found useful when struggling with a scheme.


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