Easy Bing Bunny costume for World Book Day

World Book Day (literary fancy dress) is on 2nd March **Klaxon**.  I didn’t let it catch me by surprise this year, oh no no!  It has a habit of doing that and we have all seen the tales of woe from Mums and Dads cobbling a costume together the night before.  Daughter (3) has a crush on Bing Bunny so that was the obvious choice for her.  Today I’m sharing how we made an easy and effective World Book Day costume.world book day costume

The books are really quite sweet.  Certainly not literary masterpieces but good for supporting parenting, for example making bedtime fun.  I also love the little drawings of furniture – sort of mid century modern meets futuristic.  Click to view on Amazon (affiliate link).

You will need:

You probably have most of this and the felt is only about 70 pence.

  • black card A4
  • card the colour of your child’s hair (optional)
  • white or orange wax crayon
  • scissors
  • sticky tape/strong glue
  • red or orange trousers (dungarees even better)
  • green top
  • sewing needle and/or sewing machine (you could use glue if you prefer)
  • 9 inch square of felt same colour as trousers (if you don’t have dungarees)
  • scrap of yellow or orange felt
  • black felt tip
  • ruler
  • red sewing thread
  • black yarn

For the ears

This bit is where your child can join in.  We used the official Bing ears resource here.

Cut the shapes out of the printable then draw around the ears on black card.  Cut the headband strips from card that matches your child’s hair if you can, but black is fine too.  Stick the strips together to fit round your child’s head.  Cut out the ears.  I made little holes in the paper template where the ear pattern is and used them to mark the shape on the black ears (but you could do it free-hand).  Have your child colour the lines with crayon and stick the ears to the headband.  They look like Bing already, don’t they!

For the clothes

If you already have dungarees, skip to the button section.

World Book Day costumeDungaree bib: Take your square of red felt and fold it in half.  Cutting through both layers, cut away a narrow curve on the outside edge (see diagram).  Keep the pieces you cut off.  Unfold the felt and, using a ruler and black pen, draw a criss-cross design onto the red felt.  Position felt on the front of the green top.  Pin and stitch it on (I used large loose stitches as I might want to remove it later).  I didn’t sew right to the bottom edge but left an inch loose – this hangs over the waist of the trousers when the top is tucked in so they look more like dungarees.  You could glue rather than sew if you prefer.

Place the two cut off felt pieces on the top edge of the bib next to the neck so they look like shoulder straps.  Stitch (or glue) in place.world book day costume

Button: Time for the signature big button!  Find something round with approximately 3 inch diameter.  Draw round it onto yellow felt and cut out.  Now two options: 1. draw a big cross in the middle with black pen and glue the button to the ‘dungarees’; 2. use black thread to sew the ‘button’ to the dungaree bib with a cross shape.

For the tail

If you have some black yarn you can add a tail as a finishing touch.  All you need to do is make a pom pom about 4-5 inches in diameter and tie it to the trousers.  Here are a couple of ways to make pom poms if you don’t have a gadget: the rough & ready; or oldskool donuts.

Style with trainers for full effect.  I will also be attempting some face paint on World Book Day – time permitting (you know how mornings are!).

If your kids aren’t into Bing Bunny, take a look at these ideas for making animal costumes from things you already have at home.  Lots of books have animals in so there is bound to be one to suit your child.

My son decided to be a bear – we used my old brown leggings and an old adult size woolly jumper.  The finishing touches were paws cut from felt and attached to the cuffs and off-cuts of jumper attached to an alice band for ears.  The choice of book was a bit of an after-thought but we are going for Winnie the Pooh – complete with Hunny.

What costumes will your kids be wearing?  I’d love to see your makes.

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